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Arkansas woman expresses breast cancer experience through art

Walking though the art gallery at HSU, you will visually go through the timeline of one woman's fight against breast cancer; the collection is titled "Nancy Dunaway ... More Lessons."

"They can say wow; you can get a positive spin on it. It teaches you so much about yourself and about life in general and what really matters," Dunaway says.

In 2008, Dunaway spent a year in treatment that included four surgeries, chemo, radiation and monthly infusions, but has been cancer free for two-years. Her treatment ended in 2009 and she started working on her show that features 28 works.

The collection varies in materials, size and incorporates medical material and literature. The art progresses from those scary and hopeless moments to healing. With titles like stripped to the bone, all my plans flew out the window and learning that bald really is beautiful.